Ad Formats

Banner : 468x60 pixels
This is the banner format that you probably know the best, and is the original UKBanners format.
File size limit: 30Kb
Leaderboard : 728x90 pixels
Slightly larger than the standard Banners, designed to stretch the full width across the top of a webpage. File size limit: 31Kb
Button : 120x60 pixels
If space is tight on your website then this is an ideal format to use. You are allowed to embed two buttons on your page at any one time. File size limit: 14Kb
Half Banner : 120x60 pixels
As the name suggests, it's half the size of a standard banner.
File size limit: 20Kb
Rectangle : 300x250 pixels
An increasingly popular size for advertisers, because they're easy to spot, but they also take up a lot of webpage space.
File size limit: 31Kb
SkyScraper : 120x600 pixels
This is our latest format, and is ideal for those who have a column-based design, or those who already have a 468x60 banner elsewhere on their page.

A very eyecatching size too, and if well designed, your SkyScraper will attract greater clickthrus than the other ad formats.
File size limit: 30Kb