UKBanners Help

This help file is broken down into the following areas:

What is UKBanners ?

UKBanners is a product created to bring UK web users to your website.

Web advertising is a costly business, some search engines charge up to 80 for every 1000 times they show your banner advert!

With UKBanners it's free. For every 10 times one of your webpages is viewed showing adverts for other sites, your advertising banner is shown 8 times on other member's sites.

Example: Assuming your webpages are normally seen 500 times per day, if you use UKBanners, your banner advert would be shown 400 times on other UKBanners member's sites. People will see your banner advert and click on it, increasing the number of webpages seen.

See how it works now ? The more visitors you get, the more times your site is advertised, meaning you get more visitors..

By making it UK only, your adverts are shown to a far more relevant audience than other services.

What do I need to do to get started ?

1. Create a UKBanners account (Here)
2. Include the UKBanners HTML code in your webpage
3. Submit a banner to UKBanners

Didn't work ? See trouble shooting.

Can you guarantee me traffic ?

There is never a guarantee that your site will have increased traffic, even if you spend money.

This could be for one or more reasons.  

  1. Even if you think your banner is wonderful, that doesn't mean others think it is.

  2. Industry standard clickthru ratio stands at about 0.5%, meaning you would get a clickthru every 200 times your average banner is shown (Your mileage may vary).

  3. The more traffic you have, the more you will be advertised on our exchange. It's a geometric growth. If you have little traffic, things will be slow to start with

  4. Do not underestimate the value of brand awareness.

    OK, so you may not get a clickthru for your 200+ banner impressions, but you have been advertised 200+ times. Just because people see an ad for a soap powder, that doesn't mean they immediately stop what they're doing and go to buy some. But next time they want some thing like they've seen advertised, they may choose your product.  

A banner advert is a logo/graphic that represents your site. It is this that is shown on other member sites. This is what is clicked for the viewer to visit your site.

How do I get a banner ?

You can either create one yourself or have one created for you professionally.

If you create one yourself, you will need a paint package like PaintShop Pro ( and then save it in a GIF format.

Can UKBanners create a banner for me ?

No. We simply don't have the resources.

What size / dimensions should it be ?

Banner: 468 x 60 pixels.
Button: 120 x 60 pixels.

These are the industry standards.

The file size must be no more than 10K (10240 bytes). However, the smaller it is, the better chances are that it will be fully downloaded when the user looks a the page.

I don't have my logo in GIF format. Its in BMP, JPG,JPEG, TIFF,RGB format..

Load the image into a paint package such as PaintShop Pro and then choose GIF format when saving it.

Should I include the UKBanners strip in my logo.

No, we do that for you.

My banner is always greater than 10K, how can I reduce it's size.

Usually this is because your banner has too many colours. Try and get it below 32 colours. If you have PaintShop Pro open the banner, pull the Colors menu down, choose Decrease color depth, then select 32.

Can I have more than one banner ?

No, UKBanners only allows each account to have one banner.

What's an animated banner ?

An animated banner is a GIF image that consists of several frames of animation such as scrolling text.

How do I create an animated banner ?

Create individual images using a paint package (such as PaintShop Pro), then merge them into one GIF using a product such as Animagic.

What code do I need to include in my webpage ?

Login to your account, and click on the HTML Code link.
Open your webpage in an editor, and copy & paste the UKBanners HTML text into your webpage.

Can I have multiple pages with the UKBanners HTML code ?

You may include the UKBanners HTML code on multiple pages on your website. You should modify the HTML code, changing the "page=" value to "page=2" for the second page carrying UKBanners, and so on.

Can I make my page/UKBanners refresh ?

No. That would artificially raise the credits your account earned. Your account would be suspended.
The UKBanners system periodically checks the validity of member accounts.

Can I refresh my page with a banner on ?

No. Your account will be deactivated if it is found that you are doing this..

Can I have multiple UKBanners per page ?

No. Your account will be deactivated if it is found that you are doing this..

NOTE: You can only carry one banner from any of our exchanges per page.
(e.g you cannot carry UKBanners AND EuropeanBanners on the same page.)

I've lost my password, help !

Don't worry. Visit the UKBanners homepage and click here and fill in your account and E-mail address. If the E-mail address we have for you matches the one you enter, we will send your password to the E-mail we have on record.

I want to change my password..

Login as usual and click on the Change Account Details link. You can change your password in there.

What is a credit ?

Credits are the number of exposures of your banner you have earned. This includes the exposures that have already happened and those yet to happen. You earn a credit for 8 out of 10 banner views on your site. This compares favourably to most other sites that only give you 5 out of 10.

What is an exposure ?

An exposure is your banner being shown on another members site.

What is a click-thru ?

A click thru happens when someone sees your banner on another site and clicks on it to visit your site.

What is a click-thru ratio (CTR) ?

It is a ratio of the number of times your banner is shown on other sites compared to the number of times people click on it.

E.g a CTR of 3% means that for every 100 times that your banner is shown, 3 people click on it and visit your site. (1.5% is the industry average).

How can I improve my CTR ?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Keep changing your banner and see what changes improve it. However, in our experience the following is true:

  • Animated UKBanners do better than non animated UKBanners.
  • UKBanners which include a CLICK banner do well.

If you include your product name in your banner, people will remember it, even if they don't visit.

I have numbered my pages 1 - 1000, but it's only recording stats for 1-99, what's wrong ?

We only record stats for the last 2 digits of a page number, eg:  

Page 4 is recorded as Page 4
Page 34 is recorded as Page 34
Page 234 is recorded as Page 34
Page 1204 is recorded as Page 4

But your stats ARE recorded, merely grouped into 1 of the 100 slots available (0 - 99)

The reason for this is simply a numbers game. We have to record stats for  

x 96 days worth of data
x 3 data types (impressions, exposures, clickthrus)
x 24 hours
x 99 page numbers  (only impressions are recorded by page number though)
x 30000 accounts (over 8 exchanges and climbing)

= as many as 20,528,640,000 data elements !

But don't worry, you DO get credited for page numbers above 99.

I would like to suspend my account for a while and keep my credits, can I do this ?

No, sorry.


I don't want a particular site shown on my site. What can I do about this ?

Login in to UKBanners, and click on the "modify account" link. In the field "banned" you can supply a comma separated list of web site accounts that you don't want to see on your site. You can list up to 30 sites. E.g B150,B942,B323 will mean that you will not see UKBanners from those accounts on your site.

To find what account number a given site is, go to their website, find their UKBanners logo, and right-mouse click on the banner. This will show you what account they are.

I've lost my HTML Code, where can I find a fresh copy ?

Login as usual, and click on the HTML Code link. This page details exactly what you need to include in your pages.

Where can I see my banner shown on other sites ?

Your banner is shown in proportion to your traffic. So if your site has 1000 page impressions a day, your banner will be shown 800 times around our network. UKBanners serves over 1 million banners per day, so the chances of 1000 impression-a-day site seeing their banner at any given moment on another site is 800/1000000 = 1 in 125,000. So, don't be surprised if you don't see it, but it IS being shown. Take a look at the advertisers on UKBanners, click on their banners and you will see just how many sites are in the network.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a device used to remember what banner ad a user has been shown.
That way, when the user clicks on the banner we know where to redirect them to.

Must I accept them ?

Yes, if you want UKBanners to work.

Can they damage my system ?

No, they're harmless. Besides, if you're not sure, you can look at the contents of them as they are served to you.

Enabling Cookies on your browser :-

Using Internet Explorer

Select the Tools > Internet Options menu item

Select the Security tab

Select the Custom level button

Enable "stored" + "per-session" cookies.

Press OK

You will need to close all Internet Explorer sessions for this to take effect.

Using Netscape

Select the Edit > Preferences menu item

Click on the Advanced item (top level)

Click on "Accept only cookies that get sent back to originating server"

You will need to close all Netscape sessions for this to take effect.

I've lost my password, yoiks !

Go to the UKBanners front page and click on the "Lost it?" link next to the login fields and follow the instructions.

I'm using Frontpage and the banners don't show

Try this:

1. Open your HTML document
2. Place the Insertion Point at the location you want your link or where you would like to enter your UKBanners HTML code
3. Select INSERT from the menu bar.
5. Enter your UKBanners HTML code (exactly as supplied)

NOTE: You must type in the UKBanners code manually (you cannot Copy and Paste)!

Press OK

I've lost the HTML Code, help !

Login, then scroll the page down to the HTML Code section and click on the banner. This page will show you the HTML code you need.

I have the HTML Code in place, but I don't earn any credits, huh ?

This could be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Your banner has not been approved. Login and see if this is the case.
  • The HTML code is wrong. Login and download a fresh copy.

I've never seen my banner on other members' sites. Why ?

Due the the sheer number of UKBanners we show, it's highly unlikely that you'll ever see it.

  • Sales

    Telephone: 01327 706702

  • Support


  • Company Information

    UKBanners is a product of Splut Ltd, a company registered in England + Wales, company number: 3870323. Registered office: The Stables, Church Walk, Daventry, Northants, NN11 4BL

  • By using UKBanners, members agree to be bound by the following conditions:
  • Splut Ltd reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. It is the responsibility of the member to keep current with changes in the Terms and Conditions. Changes to the Terms and Conditions apply to ALL registered members.
  • Member's banners must not be misleading.

    By misleading we mean any banner which:

    a) Makes no reference to the site it represents or any indication of it's content


    b) Has been designed with the purpose of looking like an integral part of the webpage/desktop it's displayed on, rather than the site it represents. (This therefore includes system error type messages)

    (e.g a banner containing solely "click here" or "Next / Previous" will not be allowed)

  • UKBanners will reserves the right to reject any website from using it's service. Particularly those containing:

    Racist Content
    Copyright infringement
    Illegal activities
    Illegal Software/Hacking
  • UKBanners also reserves the right to refuse any site that is:

    A URL which is a referral/affiliate account for a parent site
    A Get Rich Quick site
    A site containing unnecessary/excessive popups
    A site that resizes the browser to fullscreen
  • UKBanners will periodically visit each members website to ensure the UKBanners text is correct. If errors are found, the members account may be suspended until corrected.

  • UKBanners may deactivate an account if it felt that a member is gaining excessive credits using page-refresh methods, or including more than one UKBanners banner.
  • Members agree that their information (stats, company name etc) may be used by Splut Ltd. In accordance and within the terms of the Data Protection Act.
  • Members agree to insert the provided HTML code for displaying banners on their web site. The supplied code may not be modified in any way without our express permission.
  • UKBanners banners must be displayed on the page such that the banner is easily visible and within the main body of the web page
  • A member must not display UKBannerss on sites other than the one to which the account is configured for, unless written permission is given.
  • Splut Ltd will keep members information confidential and will not be distributed to other parties.
  • Splut Ltd. cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of the UKBanners services.
  • Members use UKBanners at their own risk and Splut Ltd makes no guarantee regarding the accuracy or reliability of the UKBanners service
  • Should a members account be suspended/terminated for whatever reason, no refund/compensation will be given for any unused banner credits lost.