UK Internet Advertising

What is UKBanners ?
UKBanners is the part of the largest UK-based advertising exchange network.

UKBanners is part of a a website promotion network of over 30,000 sites around the UK.

Our network shows nearly a BILLION banner adverts per year, and each month, over two million people see our network advertising on UK websites.

UKBanners is funded by selling the spare inventory on it's banner network.

UKBanners is an excellent way to promote a website or the launch of a new product.

Why advertise on UKBanners ?
It's UK Only:
By carrying UKBanners only on UK websites, we can ensure your advertising is going to be seen by a UK audience.

Large Audience:
With such a large number of unique viewers on our network (2 million each month), your advertising is certainly going to be widespread. There is no point advertising on a network of 10 sites with only 100 people viewing them.

You can choose to target your advertising on particular types of website (such as Commercial only), increasing the relevance of your internet advertising even further.

No Minimum Order Period:
Some advertising networks, ask you to sign up to monthly contracts, or minimum term contracts. UKBanners does not have any of this. You just pay for what you ask for.

Competitive Pricing:
Way back in 1998, the industry average for a thousand banner adverts was as much as £75 per thousand.. Those days are long gone, but many companies are still asking for anything up to £10 per thousand. UKBanners is cost effective, with prices from just £0.80 CPM (80p per thousand impressions). Ask for our rate card.

Real Time Statistics:
UKBanners tracks your campaign, plotting your banner exposures and clickthrus, by the hour, date, month and quarter. Trending figures show how your campaign is performing week by week.

Campaign Questions
Over what period can I run my campaign?
There is no minimum or maximum period.

Can I choose what days, and at what time my campaign runs?
Yes, usually campaigns run during working hours, and during the working week. However, depending on the website you are promoting, you may prefer other times/days.

I don't have a banner design.. what do I do?
UKBanners can give you the details of some excellent design companies, who can design a banner for around £50.

Can I run multiple banner designs on my campaign?
Yes. We can create multiple accounts, each with their own banner design, so that you can track the performance of each, and experiment with designs.

Can I pay per click (CPC) rather than impressions (CPM)?
Currently, we offer only a CPM model. We have priced our advertising campaigns to be more cost effective than normal CPC advertising.

However if you really want CPC, our sister site offers cost-per-click advertising.

Which websites will my advertising be shown on?
UKBanners are carried on 30,000 websites around the UK. 75% of these are commercial websites. To get an idea for which sites you can expect to be advertised on, take a look at the sites in the rotation on the UKBanners homepage.

What now ?
If you would like to discuss your advertising requirements further, you can contact our team as follows:

Telephone: 01327 706702


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