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What is the UKBanners Exchange.?
UKBanners is a network of websites that have joined together to help promote each other by showing advertising for other sites in the network.

You can increase brand awareness and traffic to your website completely free by exchanging advertising with other websites.

It's simple to setup, and you can be promoting your website in minutes.

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How does it work ?
By including 3 lines of HTML text in your web pages, you show banner ads for other UK websites (like the one at the top of this section). Our server automatically handles which adverts to show and when.

Once implemented, for every 10 times a banner ad is seen on your website, your banner ad is then shown 8 times on other UKBanners sites.

As your site gets more visitors, the more times your banner is shown on the network, increasing brand awareness and traffic to your site even further...

We will even generate a banner for your website, so you don't need to design one!

Why should I use UKBanners ?
UKBanners is part of the largest UK-based banner exchange network, used by over 30,000 websites around the country, serving almost a BILLION banners per year.

Most other banner exchange programs show your banner 50% of the number of times that you show others'. With UKBanners, yours is shown 80% of the time.

Also, other worldwide banner programs don't restrict your banner to be shown on websites in your country. Some try to, but they rarely work properly.

UKBanners also provides comprehensive real-time hourly, daily and weekly graphs & statistics of page impressions, banner exposures, clickthrus and ratios.

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Want to stand out even more ?
If you don't want to carry banners on your website, or if you want to give your website a fast injection of traffic, then why not consider an advertising campaign with UKBanners, and have your website/product advertised on over 30,000 websites around the UK to an average audience of 1 million visitors per month.

You can buy campaigns from as little as 80p per thousand banner impressions.

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Alternatively, call our sales team on 01327 706702.